2016-Labor of Love, Moore, Oklahoma

Our second Labor of Love in the Oklahoma City area focused on helping two homeowners with needed projects, providing something for everyone to pitch in and accomplish.

Our first homeowner was an accomplished ceramic artist when a sudden illness took her sight, but not her smile.  We loved being able to assist with the installation of a ceiling fan, a screen exit door for her dog, and thoroughly clearing her yard, front and back.   A aging storage shed was demolished and hauled away, and another assembled in its place.  Shelves that were no longer the right size were rebuilt to fit the new space.

At our other work location, a narrow front walk too small for the motorized wheelchair that uses it everyday was expanded with pavers, and a large stained wood fence was pressure washed and restained.

The generosity of donations from Labor of Love members all over the country resulted in significant donations of toys, clothing and bedding for a Moore children’s center.

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