How do I connect with Labor of Love?

Most of the inquiries we receive from people who hear about Labor of Love relate to how to get involved.  I have 3 suggestions in answer to that question.

  1. Find out what Labor of Love is, by reading our Guiding Principles.  You will sometimes see the abbreviation ‘LoL’ instead of the full name.  Yes, Labor of Love also involves ‘lots of laughter’, and includes many ‘laugh out loud’ moments.  You can also watch our introductory video.  This will give you an idea of whether Labor of Love is a good match for your volunteer efforts.  We hope you will think it is!
  2. Connect on social media.  We are most active on Facebook, and are ramping up our Twitter outreach.  Facebook is where you will find the details of what is coming up, what just happened, and who is involved.  It is not a spectator sport.  Introduce yourself, participate, and get to know some Labor of Love people.  Jump in – the water is fine.
    • The National LoL Facebook page is Labor of Love USA.  Click ‘LIKE’, and while you are at it, ‘SHARE’ our page on your own timeline.
    • There are 50 State LoL Facebook pages.  As we grow, there will be more local information posted to these pages.  For now, use the Search bar in Facebook, and type ‘Labor of Love Texas’ (substituting the state you are trying to find), then click ‘LIKE’ after selecting the state(s) you want to follow.  Most people LIKE the state where they live, where they have connections and/or would want to travel.  Example:
    • MOST IMPORTANT: To interact peer to peer with Labor of Love volunteers all over the country, join the ‘closed’ or private Facebook group.   We do not approve membership for everyone who asks.  If you are a Facebook friend of someone already in the group and you requested membership, you will generally be approved within a few minutes.   If you do not see your request approved right away, there are two things you can do.
      • #1) Send a private Facebook message to the admin of the National or State Labor of Love page, telling them you have requested membership and briefly explaining how you found us and what you seek from your involvement in Labor of Love.  This will save them time, and accelerate the approval of your request.
      • #2) Relax (even temporarily) the privacy settings on your Facebook timeline.  If a Labor of Love social media coordinator is looking at your Timeline to consider the membership request, and they cannot tell who you are, where you are, or whether what you promote or say on your  own page would be a good match for LoL, then the request is ignored or blocked.  This is a judgment call, and isn’t personal.  We want Labor of Love members to feel safe getting to know one another within the online group.
    • Become familiar with these few, but important guidelines as you interact on Labor of Love’s social media pages and within the private group (referring to the Guiding Principles).
      • #1) Be kind,
      • #2) Stay on  topic where possible,
      • #3) Remember it is a NATIONAL group with hundreds of members who are diverse in thinking but united in service, and who generally are not in a position to respond on short notice to local needs.  That is a responsibility that is up to local people (YOU), and finally
      • #4) Prayer requests are welcome – attach them as a comment on the prayer request post.  These should generally be for you or someone you personally know, not people in the news.
      • #5) Post nothing political or promoting a cause, theology or business unrelated to our service efforts together (without specific permission from a Labor of Love co-founder). Absolutely no requests for money.  There is another place for politics and theology, and a place for promoting local causes and concerns.  It is a slippery slope we try to avoid.  All who can agree on the Guiding Principles and these few guidelines are welcome.
  3. Get to an event.  Some people drive or fly, sometimes long distances.  Usually, we have a low cost shared housing option available (less than the cost of a motel, but a nice vacation rental) or a referral to a hotel if that is preferred.  Events are usually held from a Thursday night through Sunday morning, and 30-50 people is the typical quantity of volunteers.  We all pitch in money for the food we cook and the project supplies we need, and people pitch in where needed to bring tools, kitchen equipment, portable bedding, etc. to minimize what needs to be purchased.  Details about the service projects for an event are typically finalized a few weeks before, even though it has been scheduled months in advance.  We match what we commit to do to the resources and skills of the people who decide to come.  You will come home tired, happy, and with your heart full.  And then you will want to request vacation time off for the next event!