2013-Labor of Love Branson, Missouri

Labor of Love Branson (September 2013) gave volunteers an opportunity to gather and help parents of a recently returned from active duty Marine ready a home for his new bride.   We painted master bedroom walls and baseboard trim.  New sheetrock was applied in the kitchen and another bedroom, in addition to presenting a handmade patriotic quilt to the new couple.


Family and friends of the couple had been working hard on the renovation all summer.  Unexpectedly though, before meeting Labor of Love, the interior had to be gutted and cleaned to eliminate mold in the walls and rotting floors, making the house uninhabitable for much longer than expected.  A back injury for one of the key family members made more hands more than welcome.

We are excited to have had the opportunity to show this tangible gratitude to someone whose service to our country protects the freedoms that make our Labors of Love possible, and to his parents who have sent multiple sons into harms way for love of country.

Associated with our one day service project in Powersite, Missouri, on Sunday afternoon Labor of Love began its first ‘virtual service project’, preparing fabric for quilt blocks to be assembled by volunteers at home, and then lovingly quilted to warm the souls of selected recipients at future events.  A loving quilt gifted from a Labor of Love member in Michigan to our newlywed couple started the ‘Blankets and Blessings’ project which has truly blessed many lives ever since.

Many Labor of Love Branson volunteers also attended the Covenant America conference in Kansas City September 13-14, where we learned, were inspired, and shared our Labor of Love story with other attendees!  New Labor of Love volunteers with a song in their hearts shared inspiring music long into the night at the Kansas City ‘Big House’, our Shelley got her moment of fame singing a duet at Covenant America with David Osmond, and the ‘Quilting Dynasty’ made Labor of Love history in the living room of a rented Branson condominium.  Every volunteer…every ironing board and flat surface got in on the action.