2013-Labor of Love at Man in the Moon

Sometimes, Labor of Love volunteers piggy-back our service efforts with other events that interest members of the group. This was the case for the Utah event, where most stayed on for July 4-7 events in Salt Lake City for Man in the Moon, where we attended seminars, had an opportunity to take in some amazing history, and braved the elements to join 20,000 others at an outdoor amphitheater event where the history of the world was retold from the perspective of the Man in the Moon.

  • On July 3, as a transition, Labor of Love volunteers gathered in the mountain canyons east of Salt Lake to escape the heat and enjoy some fellowship, food and fun at the home of one of the event organizers. After a relaxing day, several dozen of us made our way to the Oakley rodeo for a traditional small town celebration of independence.
  • On July 4, a couple of Labor of Love volunteers returned to the site of one of our service projects, concerned about the condition of some interior rooms at Blanche’s.  Unannounced to the rest of us, they bought the supplies, cleaned and rewired Blanche’s kitchen to make it safe.
  • We attended a variety of seminars and presentations at downtown hotels, and gathered on Friday for dinner on the 18th floor of a downtown high rise to enjoy each others company, and to see the panoramic view of the valley.
  • On Friday and Saturday nights, we joined thousands of others at an outdoor amphitheater to hear words and see sights that would inspire us. We were not disappointed. A little soaked, but not disappointed.
  • To finish things off right, many of us gathered for a sunrise service on Sunday morning, followed by a walk together down Salt Lake’s Main Street to see a live radio and TV broadcast of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square.