2013-Labor of Love, Salt Lake City, Utah

In July 2013, dozens of Labor of Love volunteers descended on Utah to complete five Labors of Love! Our largest projects were to give a facelift and some much needed maintenance to the homes of two women, each unable to care for their property, but busy caring for generations of their own families.

  • For Blanche, projects included clearing a large dumpster full of debris from the side and back yards, painting exterior trim, front porch & swing, and painting an addition that hadn’t been painted in decades. She also had a dangerous electrical situation, with only one working circuit in the house, and no exterior lights. At more than 90 years old, she made her way from the gate to the front door holding onto furniture, a garbage can, and a broken screen door so as not to fall. A new handrail, fresh coat of paint, new rain gutter, new porch swing cushions and reworked electrical in the kitchen and the exterior gave not only a facelift, but improved safety for this woman with whom we all fell in love.
  • For Norma, projects included a full exterior paint restoration on a two story house, where sprinkler and hail had seriously damaged the previous paint job. A stairwell full of firewood was also cleared, a back deck that had collapsed was repaired, a screen door replaced, all metal handrails repainted and two antique metal chairs were given a new cheery red outlook.
  • Both Blanche and Norma also received a hand crocheted blanket from the family who fed our crew for two days, lovingly serving the servants.
  • Children and other Labor of Love volunteers painted ‘Stars of Hope’, assisting friends from Joplin Missouri to encourage children affected by natural disasters and other tragedies to share messages of hope to other communities similarly affected. 500 stars were cut, prepared, primed, and painted so that children can add messages to be sent to communities in the SuperStorm Sandy area this September.
  • Volunteers lovingly cut, stiched, and wove beautiful fleece blankets that will warm the bodies and souls of children at Salt Lake City’s Primary Children’s Medical Center and local veterans.
  • Labor of Love families walked in the Mercury One / Huntsman Cancer Institute Walk of Hope 5K at Liberty Park, raising awareness for cancer research, and walking in memory of loved ones lost to cancer as well as cancer survivors among us. Meanwhile, Labor of Love children ran a bake sale and lemonade stand at the park, raising money for charity while having a great time.