Courage Coupled with Love

Yesterday was an amazing day!  Two of Labor of Love’s founders had an opportunity to meet with Glenn Beck in Dallas Texas.  Glenn is the person whose invitation to come to Israel resulted in a series of events and choices that became Labor of Love.   For my family, that experience in 2011 will always be remembered as a pivot point to a road less traveled for us.

It was a choice and a path that has made ALL the difference for us personally.

Ask anyone involved in Labor of Love what brought them into this circle, and they will describe two things  – #1) a pivot point, and #2) courage coupled with love.


Pivot points transform us.

Events or choices, small or large that are seared into our memory, and set us on a path of action or change in direction, pivoting our attention in a different direction.

They can take us by surprise – with delight or dismay, anticipation or anguish, hope or hopelessness.  What we do with them makes all the difference.


Our friend Glenn Beck described this best.  Here’s a clip from a radio commentary after he spoke on the phone with one of Labor of Love’s founders.