2014-Labor of Love Somerset, Kentucky

Labor of Love members gathered in rural Kentucky Easter weekend, 2014, to restore what turned out to be a very tall home to a safe and beautiful state.  Preparation work was accomplished by local homeschool families, and ladders provided by the fire department.  To accomplish the painting work up high, a neighbor loaned a bucket truck, and we even had a candidate for the US Congress drop by to scrape paint from the porch for a few hours.

Labor of Love children got in on all the action, painting the house and shutters.  They also made and delivered dozens of Easter Baskets for rest home residents nearby.

At every turn, this event required us to reach higher.  Completing the task in less than 3 days would not have been possible without many miracles and the work of many steady, willing hands.  It was a weekend to remember.

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One of our members had recently completed treatment for cancer, but attended the event all the same, and we had an opportunity to both serve and serve with this dear friend.  Another handmade quilt was tied and finished for the homeowner, whose Kentucky home we now call ‘Happy Blue’.