2017-LoL Lewiston UT – Little Miracles

Labor of Love spent the weekend in Lewiston, Utah – a small rural community near the Utah-Idaho border.  A record number of families with young children attended this weekend of service.  For those who were looking for those moments of magic, there were too many to count.

Children as young as two years old with a shovel, broom or paint brush.  A young boy learning how to use a wrench to disassemble a satellite dish.  A young woman on her first weekend using power tools trusted to drill the holes and secure new wheelchair ramp decking.  Boys working together to haul away large tree branches and trim bushes. Men up high in a tree trusting one another to trim back a huge elm tree that had overpowered a 100 year old barn.

Some of the most special memories are those that few witnessed:

  • A young girl intensely listening to stories of Korean war service from an 84 year old homeowner whose barn, outbuildings and yard work were painted and enhanced.
  • Another young woman comparing crocheting notes and projects with another wheelchair-bound homeowner whose ramp deck and yard were being transformed.
  • Volunteers who took the time to teach and mentor their own children and others, and responded with kindness to learning opportunities and challenges.
  • Volunteers whose drives home were long, but who stayed on an extra day to finish a project, pack  and fellowship with event organizers and homeowners.

Enjoy some highlights of our weekend:

The man whose invitation initially began Labor of Love’s journey, Glenn Beck, happened to be nearby in Idaho on this Lewiston event weekend, and like many Labor of Love people, he decided to bring his own family on their vacation time to see what they could do to help. We are so grateful for that opportunity in Israel in 2011, for the encouragement and perspective he has added to our journey ever since, and for the opportunity this weekend to serve someone else together and enjoy the milkshakes the Beck’s brought with them.

For more photos of Labor of Love Lewiston, check out this photo album!

Labor of Love - Lewiston

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  1. Thanks for such a great time! My kids are asking when we can do it again!

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