Labor of Love USA – Who are we?

To see the future of Labor of Love clearly, we must sometimes revisit our past.  We stand firm on those principles, and have also grown and learned over the years.  How the group began, what motivated the methods we use to serve others?  The most comprehensive view of a typical Labor of Love weekend is still this video from 2013.

The ‘typical’ Labor of Love weekend is a group of friends gathering together for a weekend of service. Thursday evening through Sunday morning. Since 2011, we have met in this way more than 30 times in various places. Whenever Labor of Love people gather, we call it an LoL.  We laugh out loud together, get some work done for someone else, and rekindle hope in ourselves and others.  It is a bootcamp in loving and serving – an experiential learning experience for those who attend.

There are other types of Labor of Love gatherings as well:

  • people who met through Labor of Love who gather on a local level to serve in their own communities, with or without using the Labor of Love name, but using what they’ve learned and can apply to their own community.
  • people who are gathering for another purpose (attending an event of common interest to the group), but who come early or stay late to serve in the community.  We call these ‘piggyback LoL events’.  They often have a significantly larger quantity of volunteers, and offer a taste of Labor of Love to new people.
  • people who met through Labor of Love who have common interests or skills (quilting or blanket making, traveling) who gather together to pursue their interest, to learn or create, often to provide as a future service to someone else or deepen what inspires them, but for whom the fellowship is the reason to gather.

People who are unable to travel can help in other ways as well.  First and foremost is your prayers.  We need them – they sustain us.  If possible, you can also help financially with the cost of project supplies and feeding the crowd.  Every dollar counts and is sacred to Labor of Love, widows mite style.  The only way this movement moves forward and grows is when we pool our resources in this way.   Some people make quilt tops or fleece blankets or other items that can be given to people through an event.  These contributions are also precious, and prayerfully placed with people who cherish them.

If you live somewhere Labor of Love has not yet been, there are ways you can prepare yourself and your community too.  More on that in another post.

For those who are new to Labor of Love, welcome!  For those whose support in the past has made this movement what it is, thank you…let’s pick up our pace and make a difference together.