2017-LoL Lake Hamilton – Love Bears Fruit

In a place where endless citrus groves and neighborhoods are intermingled, Labor of Love people mostly from Central Florida – Tampa to Orlando gathered this October weekend to make both new friends and a new porch deck.

We learned many life and project lessons from this deck project.  First, to be flexible on the project scope, and second to be committed to do the repairs right – which meant reframing the deck from the ground up rather than simply replacing the top, and also meant building a second set of stairs and painting the house.

We simply would not have been able to get this done in two days without the hard work of our homeowner’s brother, the able guidance of two long term Labor of Love members, and the generosity of several people whose financial support made it possible to use decking materials that will last for many many years to come.

When people invest love in their friendships like the Labor of Love Central Florida people have now done for years, the fruit of that love is sweet and cannot help but spread to people in the communities they touch.  Whether it is caring for one another, making pillowcases and fleece blankets, bringing kindness and a craft to the residents of Florida’s senior centers, or in this case – renewing a gathering spot for a new friend, LOVE is bearing fruit in Central Florida.

We cannot wait to see what comes next.