Survey Says (Preview)


As of this writing, a few dozen people have responded to the 2019 member survey. We hope to receive a few dozen more responses before closing the survey out. We will publish a summary of the results when the survey closes (in a couple of weeks or when a goal for number of responses is met).  If you would like to participate: Click here

Here’s a sneak preview of what you’re saying so far:

  • Of the early responses, about three quarters indicate that you are Likely or Very Likely to attend a LoL gathering in the next 2 years, and one quarter are Neutral about their possibility of participating. So far, respondents who provided their location (80%) represent 16 states.
  • Those who are neutral about participating list travel and distance as the main obstacles, followed by temporary personal circumstances. A few indicate they are willing to provide financial support even though unable to be there in person.
  • Of those who plan to actively participate, most (almost 70%) want to attend, but not host or organize. The remaining 30% is split between those who definitely want to host an event (some would be repeat organizers), and those who want to learn what is involved. This is very encouraging for our future. You all know that we’ve had several gatherings in Texas, Florida, Utah, and Tennessee in the past (and will in the plans for the future too). That is because we have people there who have been willing to become a local host/organizer, or where there are enough Labor of Love people that the travel distances to assemble a core group of volunteers is very likely.


Information about hosting/organizing

Bringing Labor of Love gatherings to a new city or state is dependent on having three elements in place:

  • a local host (or group of hosts) who has/have participated in at least 1 previous event and is/are willing to partner on the planning with someone who has previously hosted (in a mentoring/coaching role),
  • a high probability of being able to attract a minimum of 10-12 people on a selected date to do whatever work is then selected for the project(s). This can be all local people, almost all traveling in, or a mix of the two.
  • options or ideas for a proposed project scope scaled to the financial resources that are likely to be available and the skills/demographic mix of the available volunteers.   The answer to the third question is often not known when an event is scheduled, but is necessary to figure out before an event is held. Figuring out the answer to this third element is the main role of the local organizer (assisted as much as is needed by people who have done it before) and can be a little more complex if most of the volunteers are traveling or if the project scope requires specialized skills/tools or lots of supplies.

The quantity of gatherings per year is related to the quantity of volunteers committed to participate and the ability of the group as a whole to secure the financial resources to fund the project supplies. There are also practical scheduling considerations so as not to have gatherings compete with one another for funding or volunteers.

Other survey questions

  • Several people provided some thoughtful ideas about what can be done to improve how events are planned and executed and we’ll continue to act on these wherever possible. Stay tuned for more information when the survey results are updated with more respondents’ input.
  • One person shared observations and questions but declined to give a name to allow a direct and private conversation, which would be more likely to result in understanding. Social media isn’t the best place to explain and seek feedback and so we won’t address their questions online, but we are always open to a dialogue with whoever is in need of answers.  Reach out, offline and let’s talk.
  • The notion of transitioning Labor of Love to become an organization with a registered 501c3 at this time was unopposed, and brings with it several benefits as well as some administrative work and expense too. We’ve done the research, and will now begin the process, and will provide more information about what it means as we can. If you are interested in playing a more active role in this part of our future, please reach out privately to discuss what you would possibly like to do.
  • The survey responses are quite scattered as to where we should exist on social media. About a third of those who have an opinion about it think we should remain on Facebook (and YouTube & Twitter), while others are interested in more email and website-based communication or migrating to other social media platforms.

What next?

The chatter among Labor of Love members on social media has been somewhat quiet lately, likely for a variety of reasons, some of which may not or should not change in the future. It isn’t our objective necessarily to alter your social media participation, but rather to be more purposeful at engaging and inspiring those of you who want to be a part of who we are and what we do to actually do that in deeds, not words, whatever that means in your personal circumstances. We hope that you’ll add your voice if you haven’t already, and then join us on a renewed journey as friends on this road less traveled. There is work to do and people and causes that we can do something about together.

One by one, making a difference – you are the help, I am the help.

Together #WeAreLoLUSA.

The survey will be available until February 7, 2019 or until the target quantity of responses is received. Click here to participate: