About Us

Labor of Love USA was founded in 2011.  We organize community service family vacations several times a year across the country wherever and whenever groups of active Labor of Love volunteers are able to gather.  Labor of Love people also volunteer and do personal and purposeful acts of service in their own communities.

  • We gather together to become strong and to re-charge.  We give love and receive joy in return.  Labor of Love people build CommUnity Unity.
  • We remain connected in between events, using social media and other means, despite the physical distance, to stay encouraged, seek help and advice, and to remember that we are part of something bigger than ourselves.
  • We stand together, in courage coupled with love, for timeless principles that bridge perceived boundaries between people.
  • We serve, not so that others will see us, but that through us, others will see Him.

Want to get involved?  Watch this video!


If you need more information about Labor of Love, please read our Guiding Principles, then use the Contact Us menu to connect with a Labor of Love volunteer.