Resources & Toolkits

Want to get involved in Labor of Love?

Interested in suggestions for serving others in your own community?

This section of the website is your tool kit for action.  Some sections are available to the public, others (for event organizers) require a password, so that we can provide some personal help and guidance to your journey.  Let’s get started!

Supporting Labor of Love on social media

Thank you for supporting Labor of Love on social media, and telling people about our work together!

The following tool kit sections provide brief overviews overviews of who we are, what we do and why we do it.

Supporting Labor of Love in your own community

Outcomes will rise not to the level of our expectations, but to the level of our preparation.  To participate in an upcoming local service challenge click here.

For ideas and ‘Labor of Love style’ thoughts on purposeful acts of kindness and seeing and meeting needs all around you, click here.


Getting involved in person – support an event

To get involved as an active Labor of Love volunteer:

  1. Like the Labor of Love USA Facebook page,
  2. Join the members only Labor of Love USA Volunteers Facebook group, and
  3. Use the following sections of the LoL Toolkit as needed to understand what to expect and plan how you make a difference.
  • All About Labor of Love
  • Information for new volunteers
  • Information for volunteers unable to travel to an event
  • Putting in Work – Roles that are needed & type of work we do
  • Reminders for all Labor of Love volunteers
  • Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Getting involved in person – host an event

To get involved hosting a Labor of Love event in your community:

  1. Join the members only Labor of Love USA Volunteers Facebook group, and
  2. Arrange to attend a weekend event as a volunteer, hosted by someone else, and ask questions.  Your future event will be more successful, you will understand by your own experience what is involved, and you will have an opportunity to meet some like-minded, big-hearted new friends.
  3. As a self-assessment during this process of considering becoming a host, complete a Ready to Host? checklist.

If, after you understand what is involved, you are still excited, raise your hand and let’s take it to the next step.

While you wait for your turn to host, you’ll want to take your level of volunteerism in your own community to a higher level.  Doing this will help you find local, like-minded, big-hearted friends who can attend and support your event…you’ll become aware of what needs exist in your community, and making the decision to become a host will unleash a whole new perspective on service and the various purposes of individual service.  This personal preparation is an essential part of bringing Labor of Love to your community, and to making an impact – whether or not you ultimately decide to become a host.  Don’t skip it.

The following sections of the Toolkit are designed especially for you as an event host or organizer (in addition to the sections for all volunteers listed above).  Some of these sections require a password.  You will not be alone in this process.  A volunteer who has hosted a previous event will be your mentor, and any question you may have is a good one.

  • Ready to Host? Checklist
  • All About Labor of Love – Part Two – Am I a host, an organizer, or both?  Event format options overview
  • Social Media Basics (password needed)
  • Event Format Options & Expectations (password needed)
  • Event Planning (password needed)
  • Finding volunteers (password needed)
  • Finding individual service opportunities – Gator Hunting (password needed)
  • During your event – what to expect and what is expected (password needed)
  • What about the money?  Smart self-funding (password needed)
  • What next – after the event?  Keeping it going. (password needed)