Labor of Love Guiding Principles

We are a group of individuals — all ages, circumstances, and from locations throughout the country. We take seriously our  opportunity and responsibility to stand together and serve our neighbors, person to person, unencumbered by affiliation with a particular church or other organization.

By our service, we lift others in both their circumstance and their spirit. At the same time, we remind and encourage those who might stand and serve with us that people are good, and we have a reason to hope for a bright future for our children.  While we serve, we restore what is best in our country and repair ourselves as individuals, families, and neighbors.  America is great when her people are good.  We are people determined to be free, to stand, determined to serve and to love.

We serve not so that others may see us, but to reflect a greater Light back into the world, so that through us others may see Him.

  • We welcome any and all who would serve with us, regardless of religious denomination, political affiliation, or other differences.
  • We serve together as families, providing an opportunity for a new generation to connect with their responsibilities, to provide  meaningful service to others, to see and feel the fruits of their labors, and to establish lasting relationships with others also willing to stand – across generations.
  • We provide our service person to person whenever possible, through labor rather than monetary assistance, in order to provide opportunities to connect with and to offer love as well as other assistance to those we serve.
  • Our service efforts are generally self-funded by participants and their friends, unencumbered by any exclusive affiliation or large organization policy.  Labor of Love’s not for profit model seeks to impact the hearts of people – volunteers and those we serve.  We keep our administrative expenses incredibly low so that we remain focused on the main thing – making a difference in the lives of people with whom we come in contact.
  • We provide service sometimes in less than the most efficient way, in order to use our hands and spend meaningful time together.
  • We have an expansive view of who our ‘neighbor’ is…not limited to our own backyard or community, and we invite any who agree with our guiding principles to join us and organize a local or regional Labor of Love event. You might be surprised who will show up.